What We Offer & Prices

Before any lessons with your tutor, you’ll have a free 15 minute meeting with them to discuss what you hope to get out of our lessons and deciding with your tutor where would be best to start from. Then your first lesson with us will be completely fre – if you’re not happy with the teaching and don’t want to carry on after this, you pay nothing!

Lessons are paid for on a pay-as-you-go basis, or you can credit an account from which money will be withdrawn every time you have a lesson.

We currently offer two options:

Spanish Tutoring Classes

Designed for those studying Spanish GCSE or A-Level.

These classes are based on the content of each student’s course, making sure we cover all the topics and grammar required to achieve the highest possible grades.

There will be a large focus in these sessions on speaking, and no lesson will consist of just writing or grammar exercises – where possible, these elements will be integrated into speaking practice, meaning students cover the necessary content while greatly improving their conversational Spanish.


Spanish Speaking Sessions

Focused solely on conversational Spanish.

These sessions consist of intervals of continuous speaking in Spanish, with the duration of these Spanish-speaking sections dependent on the level of the student.

Between these sections students have a short discussion in English with their tutor, covering some points that can be improved on.

These would be perfect if you want to learn how to speak the language but are not studying towards a qualification, as they involve 1 hour of conversation practice with a fluent Spanish speaker.


We also offer discounts if you book groups of lessons:

  • Bundle of 10 lessons = 10% discount
  • Bundle of 20 lessons = 25% discount

Our lessons

All our lessons last for 45 minutes with a 5-minute debrief at the end. We think having shorter lessons than an hour will allow students to maintain concentration for the whole time, and believe that we can easily get as much done in these shorter sessions, if not more!

Our lessons are held using Skype or Google Hangouts alongside a whiteboard software called Bitpaper, which allows teacher and student to make notes throughout the lessons which can be downloaded at the end. Skype ID’s will be provided by email once you schedule your free meeting