Had a great time during this first class. Love the fact that you learn by speaking instead of just learning vocabulary or grammar. I think it’s the best way to learn. Highly recommend it. Teacher was very patient and friendly.

Marianne, via Google

As an adult learner I wanted to pick up some Spanish before going travelling, and ESpeak was a really helpful and personal service. The emphasis on speaking was exactly what I needed. The tutors are high quality and the free resources like the podcasts are great for when you have 10 free minutes. Thanks ESpeak!

Michael, via Google

Very passionate tutor to teach Spanish. My son really enjoyed Shandon’s lesson.

Yuko, via Google

Shandon at ESpeak has worked with both of my children helping them to prepare for their GCSE’s. Currently, my daughter is having weekly Spanish lessons to increase her confidence in using the language and to become better equipped for the upcoming GCSE’s in the summer. Her recent mock results show that she has not only managed to hugely improve her speaking, writing and listening skills but she has very high (7-8) predicted GCSE grades on her report, as well. On top of it all, she is now considering taking Spanish as one her A level subjects! This incredible improvement would not have been possible without Shandon. His passion for the Spanish language and culture, patience and student focused approach can do wonders for anyone struggling with any aspect of language learning. Highly recommended.

Gabi, via Google

I have a tutor with ESpeak and I’ve found all of my lessons so helpful, I love how my lessons are always specifically made for what i want to learn more on. ESpeak has really improved my grades in Spanish as well as making me enjoy the subject much more than I used to.

Zizi, via Google

I started my lessons with Shandon just before my Spanish speaking exam, where I began with very little ability and little confidence. After just a few weeks of lessons, I went into my Spanish Speaking exam feeling confident in my ability thanks to Shandon’s lessons. I also learned loads of new vocabulary and phrases that I never learned at school. Before my exams, I was predicted to get a 5 in Spanish. However, after Shandon’s patient, hardworking, kind nature and brilliant lessons, I ended up getting a 7 in Spanish. It’s unbelievable how Shandon transformed my grades in such a short space of time. I recommend Shandon to all Spanish students at any level that are looking to get top grades.