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Cristina Proietti, Spanish Tutor with ESpeak

Cristina Proietti

Spanish Experience

10 years studying Spanish: A* at A Level and 4 years at Durham University studying Spanish & English Literature

Year Abroad 2017/18 – 3 months studying in Cuba, 3 months working in Colombia, 2 months working in Chile, short stay in Argentina

B2 Spanish language course in Salamanca, 2017

About me

I am extroverted, friendly and love to chat which I believe are qualities which shine through in my teaching approach. I am patient and attentive but also adventurous and creative. I enjoy talking about a variety of topics, so with me you will have the freedom to have fun while you learn.

I fell in love with Spanish because I love the way it sounded and found discovering a new language fun. As I grew more confident in speaking Spanish I have learnt to love it even more and hope to broaden my linguistic knowledge through conversation and travel.

Shandon Williams, Founder and Spanish Tutor with ESpeak

Shandon Williams

Spanish Experience

10 years studying Spanish: A* at A Level and 4 years at university studying Spanish & Economics

Year Abroad 2017/18: 4 months working in Barcelona, 3 months working in Colombia, 2 months teaching English in Perú

About me

I’m a very outgoing, assured person who loves to experience new things, and I hope to be able to pass on my enthusiasm for Spanish onto every student I come across.

Learning a new language is such an amazing experience and one that can be so enjoyable. I think everyone should at some point in their life spend some time trying to learn one, and I find it so fulfilling to be able to pass on the skills I have learned to other students.

Derron Ankers, Spanish Tutor with ESpeak

Derron Ankers

Spanish Experience

10 years studying Spanish: A* at A Level, and 4 years at Durham University studying Spanish, German & French

Year Abroad in Barcelona – Spanish Digital Marketing Internship

Level C2 Spanish attained

About me

I am an outgoing person and language lover. I have studied various languages over the years and finally specialised in Spanish and German at the end of my degree.

Spanish is without doubt my strongest language (after English of course), and I take pride in being a strong Spanish-speaking “guiri”.

I am currently working and using my languages in a commercial setting. Languages have given me the opportunity to travel the world, and I too would like to facilitate someone else’s journey in the exact same way

Dylan Johnson, Spanish Tutor with ESpeak

Dylan Johnson

Spanish Experience

10 years studying Spanish: 7/7 at IB Higher Level followed by 4 years at Durham University studying Spanish and Economics

Year Abroad 2017/18 – 2 months studying in Cuba, 2 months working + 4 months studying in Bogotá, Colombia, 1 month working in Mexico City

About me

I’m a very extroverted, enthusiastic and motivated language lover whose favourite hobby is: hablar español.

For me, learning a new language is such a rewarding and fulfilling experience which allows you to fully engage with people from the amazing cultures our world has to offer. Some of the memories and experiences I have gained through learning Spanish will be with me forever.

When teaching Spanish I stress the importance of getting the student out of his/her comfort zone so that they are always exposed to new topics.

Sophia Acton, Spanish Tutor with ESpeak

Sophia Acton

Spanish Experience

7 years studying Spanish at school and at the University of Reading studying Spanish and Italian, where I was also a language learning advisor

Year Abroad 2018 – 6 months studying in Cuba

2 months au pair placement in San Sebastián, Spain

About me

I’m a very sociable, friendly and outgoing person and love to experience new cultures and places. I first fell in love with Spanish because I loved Hispanic music which then pushed me to learn the language and travel the Spanish-speaking world.

Learning Spanish has given me such joy and I have gained a real sense of achievement. There is nothing better than going to a country where you already speak the language which opens you up to a world of opportunities. I would love to share my passion for Spanish with others.