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  • Rafael Nadal is one of the most incredible tennis players of all time and definitely one of the most exciting and engaging to watch. He has won the second-most Grand Slams of any player in the Open Era and there are many things which make his career even more impressive – whether you look at the other great players currently playing, the many injuries that he has overcome or the fact that he is naturally […]
  • We all love spending time with our friends, so it would be great to know how to speak in Spanish about the things you do with them! Well look no further – in this episode I speak about several of the main things that I spend time doing with friends, giving you lots of vocabulary you'll be able to use for your time with friends too! I hope you enjoy. Get your free Spanish lesson! […]
  • Frida Kahlo is an extremely impressive and inspiring woman. Throughout her life, she struggled with sickness and loss, but throughout the struggle she pushed herself to create some of the most striking and vulnerable paintings the world has ever seen, representing her feelings on canvas. While not necessarily being fully appreciated during her life, since her death she has become an icon around the world, both as an artist as well as a face of […]
  • In this week's episode of the Beginners' Corner, learn how to speak all about your daily routine and how to use the verb 'soler'! I'll be speaking about what I usually do every day, so you'll be able to learn the main vocabulary you need to know to speak about common daily actions, such as when you wake up and talking about how much coffee you drink! Get your free Spanish lesson! Follow us […]
  • Many of the greats in every field divide opinion, and Diego Maradona is definitely somebody who falls into that category. Despite his iconic performances on the pitch for Argentina, Napoli and Barcelona, when most people think of this man they think of his negative side – his "Hand of God" against England in the 1986 World Cup and his personal problems outside of football. We speak about both sides of this legend in this episode […]
  • Speaking about where you live, what there is to do there and what kind of place it is are all important things to learn about early in your Spanish learning journey. So in this episode, we do just that, exposing you to lots of the vocabulary you'll need to speak about these things in Spanish!  Get your free Spanish lesson! Follow us on social media! Facebook: Instagram: Please leave a review on […]
  • Gabriel García Marquez is famous not only in the Spanish-speaking world but globally for his writing, including such novels as 'Cien años de soledad' (One Hundred Years of Solitude) and 'El amor en los tiempos del cólera' (Love In the Time of Cholera), which are some of the pioneering works in the magical realism genre so synonymous with Latin American literature. In this episode, we speak all about the great man, including his journalism work […]
  • Last week I started speaking about my hobbies and what I like to do. This week, I'm going to speak about what other people I know like doing! This will allow you to learn how to use 'gustar' to speak about others and to learn a lot more vocabulary to do with different pastimes. Enjoy!  Get your first Spanish lesson free! Follow us on social media!  Facebook:  Please leave a review on Apple […]
  • Penélope Cruz is probably the most famous Spanish actress of the past 20 years, having appeared in many Spanish-language as well as English-language films. Learn all about the awards she's won, her career and her life outside of acting in this episode. Get your free lesson with ESpeak! Follow us on social media Facebook: Instagram: Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher if you've liked this episode, as it will […]
  • Want to learn how to speak in Spanish about your hobbies, why you like doing certain things and what you don't like doing? This episode will be perfect for you, as in the 5 minutes we cover many different pastimes, including the verbs to speak about them and some good adjectives you can use to speak in more detail about why you like or don't like doing them. Follow us on social media! Facebook: […]