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  • One of the most interesting aspects of Bolivia is that there are 37 official languages, even if Spanish does play the biggest role. Listen to learn about these different languages, while also learning some general information about Bolivia and a bit about the main draw for tourists to the country – the Salar de Uyuni! ESpeak provides online Spanish teaching to get students speaking, aimed at adult learners and those preparing to travel to Spanish-speaking […]
  • In this episode we speak about Cuba, one of the most well-known Spanish-speaking countries, which is located in the Caribbean Sea. Unlike previous eps, in this one we are going to focus on a specific historical event that formed a significant part of the Cold War – the Cuban Missile Crisis! Listen to learn all about this event while improving your Spanish at the same time. – ESpeak provides online Spanish teaching to get students […]
  • In Episode 14 of the podcast, learn all about El Salvador, including information about the civil war that took place for 12 years, a lot of information about their economy (including their use of the US Dollar as the official currency) and their big deforestation problem! Want to take online Spanish lessons with us? Check out our website at Follow us on Facebook! We're on Instagram too! — Send in a voice […]
  • Chile is a country that has produced many great poets and writers over the years. We would have loved to speak about all of them in this episode, but we've decided to pick two that we think have been two of the most influential in Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda! Listen to learn all about these two, and to practice and improve your Spanish at the same time! (P.s. they're both Nobel Prize winners!!) Want […]
  • This episode is less positive than our previous ones, but it is a situation that has to be spoken more about! The situation in Venezuela is a terrible one and one that should concern the whole world. Listen to this episode to practice your Spanish while learning a bit about the crisis, including some of the causes, the consequences that have occurred because of it and what's happened already in the one week of 2020 […]