All of our lessons take place online. Before your first lesson with your tutor, you will have a Free 15-Minute Introductory Meeting so you can get to know them better, ask any questions and prepare for the lessons.

Spanish Conversation Classes

Spanish Conversation Classes

Whether you’re learning Spanish before travelling to a Spanish-speaking country, learning the language as a hobby or need to practise your speaking skills for work purposes, these lessons will be perfect for you.

These lessons for adults allow you to learn conversational Spanish from the very first lesson. You will speak continuously with your tutor, with the duration of these Spanish-speaking sections dependent on your level.

Between these intervals, students will cover points that can be improved on, including any grammar and vocabulary that has come up, but only when relevant – no memorising long verb conjugation or vocabulary lists just for the sake of it!

In this way, you’ll truly grow in confidence and learn to speak Spanish while also learning the needed grammar and vocabulary, preparing you to speak with native speakers here and abroad!

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