All our lessons take place online. Before your first lesson with your tutor, you will have a Free 15-Minute Meeting so you can get to know them better, ask any questions and prepare for the lessons.

All students also get their first lesson free, so they can try out lessons with us to see if it is the right option for them.

Spanish Conversation Classes

Spanish Conversation Classes

Learning Spanish before travelling to a Spanish-speaking country? Studying the language as a hobby? Or want to practise your speaking skills for work purposes? Then these classes are perfect for you.

These lessons ensure you learn conversational Spanish from the very first lesson. You will learn the words and phrases you need to have interesting conversations in Spanish and then put this vocabulary into practice by speaking with your teacher!

No lesson will include long grammar explanations. Instead, you will learn the grammar naturally by learning phrases that use these grammar points – from experience, we know grammar can take the fun out of language learning, so we’ve designed our lessons to avoid this!

Using this method, you’ll grow in confidence and learn to speak Spanish, preparing you to talk to native speakers here and abroad!


How long are ESpeak lessons?

Our Conversation Classes last for 1 hour in total. At the end of each class your teacher will recap what you’ve gone through and give you the chance to ask any questions you might have.

How do lessons take place?

Our lessons take place using Skype or Zoom alongside Google Docs. This allows you and your teacher to make notes throughout the lessons that can be kept as a resource for later revision. These notes will all be stored in a Google Drive folder which you will have access to whenever you want.

How do I pay for classes?

All payments are made through PayPal to ensure that your payments are as secure as possible. To make a payment, visit our Pay for Classes page.

Can I book multiple lessons at the same time?

Yes and we encourage all students to do this! It also works out more cost-effective to do things this way.

If you book a set of 10 lessons, there will be a 10% reduction in the total price. If you book a set of 20 lessons, there will be a 20% reduction.

How do I arrange my lessons each week?

Once you have signed up for lessons, you will communicate directly with your teacher and can discuss with them when you want your Spanish lessons. We recommend that you agree on a regular time slot each week (e.g. Wednesday evening at 7pm) to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth every week, but your teacher will of course be flexible if you need that flexibility.

Can I take lessons in a group?

Absolutely! You can take lessons in groups of up to 3 people. This can make lessons a lot more enjoyable, and also works out a lot more cost-effective per person. We add £5 to the lesson price for each extra person e.g. if 3 people wanted to have a conversation class together this would cost £25 plus £10 for the extra 2 people, which is £35 in total but less than £12 per person!

I’m looking for Spanish tutoring for my child – do you offer this?

Not only do we offer our Spanish conversation classes for adult learners, but we also offer Spanish Tutoring for Exams for students studying the subject at GCSE or A-Level. Find out more about this on our Spanish Tutoring for Exams page.