Meet the Founder

Shandon Williams, Founder of ESpeak

Hey, I’m Shandon and I’m the founder of ESpeak. I’ve studied Spanish for 10 years now and spent a whole year in Spanish-speaking countries in 2017/18 which helped me to really reach the top level in the language.

Since I started I’ve always loved the language, but have always felt that the teaching doesn’t do it justice. It’s taught in a way which doesn’t prepare students for what they really want: to be able to speak the language with native speakers and spend time in Spanish-speaking countries without feeling like a complete outsider. Students are taught in a very limited way in terms of the topics that are covered and don’t have much access to fluent speakers, which means they never feel comfortable in conversation. This can be a shock when they actually do have to speak to native speakers.

Further, many students become increasingly disengaged with Spanish learning because they do not find the way the language is taught interesting. Going through repetitive grammar sheets and having to cram vocabulary into their heads that they don’t end up using again removes the enjoyment from their learning, meaning that they dread going to lessons for the language.

This problem became even more evident to me when I began tutoring Spanish almost 3 years ago, when I constantly came across students who had a negative view on their learning of Spanish or lacked confidence speaking even though they knew the content of the language.

This is where the idea for ESpeak came from. My objective is twofold. Firstly, I want to make Spanish learning enjoyable for all students. It’s possible to learn all of the content that they need to for their exams in a fun, engaging, varied way, which is what I wish to achieve in every one of the lessons we deliver here. Secondly, I wish to improve the confidence of every student in actually speaking Spanish, preparing them to speak with native speakers and setting them up to feel comfortable going to Spanish-speaking countries, bridging the gap between classroom learning and true fluency.

I hope that you’ll join us on this journey, and that we can do everything we can to help your child reach the highest possible level in their Spanish learning.

Shandon Williams