Grow In Confidence Speaking Spanish

Grow in confidence speaking through classes centred around Spanish conversation

Learn Spanish In An Enjoyable Way

Learn Spanish online in an enjoyable, relevant way – no grammar or vocab for the sake of it!

Fluent Experienced Spanish Tutors

Access your own fluent, experienced online tutor

Travel To Spanish Speaking Countries

Equip yourself for travelling to Spanish-speaking countries!

Lessons Focused Around Speaking

Welcome to ESpeak! In every one of our online Spanish classes, there will be a focus on speaking, the most important part of language learning and also the hardest part to master. All the necessary grammar and content will be covered, but incorporated in a way that allows students to practise their conversational Spanish. You’ll learn to speak Spanish from the first lesson, even if you’re a complete beginner!

Highly Skilled Spanish Tutors

All our online Spanish tutors are fluent speakers who have spent extended periods of time living in Spanish-speaking countries. In addition to this, they have studied degrees in Spanish and achieved fantastic grades in their school exams. This means our students receive tutoring from somebody highly skilled in what they are teaching.

Our Spanish Lessons

Spanish Conversation Classes

Spanish Conversation Classes

Adult Spanish lessons with fluent, experienced tutors completely focused around getting students speaking. Perfect whether you’re learning for work purposes, preparing to travel to Spanish-speaking countries or just learning as a hobby.

Spanish Tutoring for Exams

Spanish Tutoring for Exams

Spanish tutoring classes for students studying GCSE or A-Level Spanish, to ensure they excel in their exams.

ESpeak Spanish Podcast

ESpeak Spanish Podcast

As well as our Spanish teaching, we also have our own Spanish podcast so that anyone can practise their Spanish for free in a fun, engaging way!

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