Online Spanish tutors to help students grow in confidence speaking Spanish

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Improve your child’s confidence speaking Spanish
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Access experienced, fluent online Spanish tutors
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Help students to excel in Spanish exams
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Learn Spanish in an enjoyable and relevant way
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Here at ESpeak, all Spanish teaching is centred around speaking, by far the most important part of learning a language. Through speaking sessions, focused solely on conversational Spanish and helping students to grow in confidence, alongside personalised tutoring classes based around each student’s syllabus, we will take students’ learning to new heights. 

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All our lessons are delivered by fluent Spanish speakers who have studied degrees in Spanish and have spent long periods living in Spanish-speaking countries, so your child will be in extremely competent hands, both in terms of the speaking element as well as the studying side of things.

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Spanish Speaking sessions

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Spanish conversation practice to improve confidence and speaking ability

Spanish Tutoring classes

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Personalised for each student to allow them to excel in their Spanish exams, with an emphasis on speaking

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